Common using of energy provided by oil permanently increases global pollution. Since there are no alternative and renewable energies fully developed the pollution would be continually increasing. This creates pressure for developing technologies allowing proper distribution and saving current energy, preventing increasing pollution and worldwide recession.

Would you like a noiseless vacuum cleaner, kitchen mixer, leaf blower, electric drill and other machinery to be twice as light as your current tools? Imagine being able to use your electrical tools in the rain or even under water? Know that you can safely use your electrical motorized equipment in any explosive environments? Appreciate a laptop computer that runs cool with no hot hard-drive problems. Have super efficient air-conditioners, fridges and other white goods in your house and office that will dramatically reduce your electricity bill? Do you know that we can save electrical energy without additional costs to industry or society, in real terms saving the environment?

The AMM Technology creating a new generation of highly efficient, lightweight and silent electric motors and generators saving energy, improving economy and reducing global pollution complies with these requirements. The technology is designed for production magnetic circuits for motors and generators, starting from small computer drivers' throughout domestic and industrial motors, high speed vacuum cleaners power tools, electric vehicles, aviation and military motors to power generators. Under the technology electric motor manufacturers applying 85 to 90% of existing production machinery and systems can undertake production of a new generation of motors and generators having extraordinary features including smaller form factors with the same power ratings, zero RF emissions, the highest power savings, almost zero noise, underwater and explosion proof operation, variable speed with constant torque and miniaturization far beyond current possibilities. The AMM technologies comply with all International Standards and in particular with Australian Standard AS/NZS 1359:2000 requesting certain efficiencies of electric motors. Electric motors and generators using the AMM technology will aid in decreasing Greenhouse Gases and therefore will aid the countries using the technology to earn valuable Carbon Credits as per the Kyoto Agreement.

Tadeusz Stec


Banksia Environmental Foundation, Australia, awarded initial steps of the technology, invented by T. Stec, with the first prize in a range of innovation.

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